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. . . In The St Austell Area, Cornwall.
About 4 Paws Pet Care

4 Paws has been set up to provide pet care services which improve the lives of pets and help owners. Kennels and catteries cannot offer the same level of care that your pets are used to at home; there are considerations of increased stress, long periods of low or no social interaction, and usually just a single walk. If you want your pet to stay in its home, eat its food, play with its toys and walk the usual walks or experience new things, whilst remaining in a stress and noise free, comfortable location, 4 Paws can help.

4 Paws is a completely mobile service, I travel to your home so there is no need to transport your pets to me. My dog walking service is based on a minimim 3/4 hour walk, the travel time before and after is not taken out of this time so your pet gets more of what it loves and you don't pay any more! Travel to and from your home is free of charge unless you live outside the coverage map below, you can still utilise my services even if you live outside this area, however there is an additional fee of £1 per mile to cover the increased costs in fuel and travel time.

To see if 4 Paws can provide you and your pets with a tailored service, ring Amy on: 0787 359 6565 or Email to arrange a completely free no obligation visit.

Coverage Map

Pet services are available to you outside of this coverage area, however an additional charge of £1 per mile outside the radius is added to the price to cover the additional travel and fuel costs.
About Amy Hunkin

I have loved all animals for as long as I can remember, undertaking my first opportunity of work experience at a local dairy farm when I was 15, since then I have worked in two boarding kennels and catteries, and I was a volunteer at the RSPCA Cornwall branch, as well as caring for my own and other animals in domestic settings including fish, dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, and budgies. I graduated in 2011 from Plymouth University after undertaking a three year Honours Degree course on Animal Science Behaviour and Welfare; giving me a fully up-to-date understanding and well rounded perspective on animal training and environment.

I have lived in the St Austell area for most of my life. I grew up in the local fishing village of Mevagissey for the first 18 years of my life, then moved to my previous residence where I founded 4 Paws Pet Care, at Polkyth Road, St Austell where I lived with a miniature long haired dachshund, (the family pet of 16 years) and 3 pet fancy rats (2011-2013). I now live in Foxhole near St Stephen with my partner Simon, cherished family pet and companion Echo - a liver and white English Springer Spaniel, who can be found in at least half of all doggy photos on our Facebook page!

4 Green Paws
The Van

I care about the environment, this website is hosted on a carbon neutral hosting plan where CO2 produced is offset through green incentives.

I also use bio degradable poo bags so the process of scoop to decomposition takes a matter of months not hundreds of years.

I will also attempt to group visits of close proximity together to reduce my fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

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