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4 Paws
Tel: 0787 359 6565
. . . In The St Austell Area, Cornwall.
Puppy Visits

Puppies are very time consuming and demanding, they also have weaker bladder control and will need to be let out to pee much more often than an adult dog. This is very important whilst house training your puppy as the more times it successfully goes outside, and the behaviour rewarded, the quicker they will learn the appropriate place to do its business. On average, an 8 week old puppy should be able to hold itself for one to two hours, working towards another hour for each month of the pups age.


Training a young puppy is an important part of your dog growing into a well balanced adult. I offer a puppy training service where I use positive reinforcement to teach your puppy simple commands, either one-on-one with the puppy, or alongside the owners, teaching you the techniques, timing, and consistency required for success.

Cairing For Your:

Just give me a call or email to see if I can look after your pet.
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Coverage Area

To check to see if your covered within the 7 Mile coverage area check the Coverage Map.

An additional £1 per mile is charged on services outside of the standard coverage area to cover additional travel expenses.

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