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4 Paws
Tel: 0787 359 6565
. . . In The St Austell Area, Cornwall.
Home visits

During my home visits I will take in your mail, turn lights on or off, open or close curtains, turn on or off the radio or TV and I am happy to water plants, or set up wild bird or hedgehog feeders etc.

Some dogs cope well in kennels , however others don't. In a boarding kennels your dog will not receive the attention and exercise that they are used to at home. Kennels are a stressful environment for some dogs, where they have no control of their situation, are restricted in a confined area, and are in an unknown, noisy, strange smelling setting. Without being let out enough the dog is forced to eliminate in their kennel, which can cause a properly house trained dog anxiety.

Cattery conditions are not ideal for your cat, it will be confined to a small and unfamiliar area, forced to be in close proximity with other cats, and will only receive fleeting attention. Not to mention the uncomfortable journey to and from the cattery and disruption to their routine. By allowing your cat free roam of your house and/or access to outside via its cat flap they will be able to express more of their natural feline behaviour, improving their welfare and reducing stress.

Dog sitting service

During doggy day sitting I will arrive at a pre-arranged time in the morning and stay with your dog until you get back at the end of the day, I can also stay longer into the evening if required.

Most days start at around 10am and end before tea time at 6pm. During the day your dog will be walked and fed at their usual times, let out to eliminate, and generally have lots of fuss and attention. I may need to leave your pet at times to visit other clients, but were possible I will take your dog along with me in the van. Your dog will never be left for more than 2 hours unless pre-arranged. I can also give your dog any medication it may require.

I will bring my own packed lunch but would be grateful for a cup of tea using your facilities.

Evening visits follow a similar routine from 6pm until 12pm not including an hours' walk. My partner Simon may also stay with us so that I am not on my own, he is not a part of 4 paws pet care.

I don't normally offer overnight stays, however I will if it is just for one or two nights for emergencies. Again, my partner Simon will usually stay with us.

I can only take on one day sitting client at a time, and the price reflects this at £25 for the day, £15 for the evening and £10 for overnight. There is no extra charge for more than one dog.

Cat sitting service

Catering for your cat with morning or evening feeding and fussing. I will endeavour to keep to the time when your cat is used to being fed, however this isn't always possible due to other clients and commitments. Morning visits occur between 8 and 10am, and evening visits are between 4 and 7pm. Visits can also be arranged outside of these hours to suit you and your cat.

During my visit I will stroke, groom, and play with your cat, as well as letting indoor cats out for some fresh air. If they use a litter tray, this will be cleaned out on each visit removing any soiled litter and replacing when necessary. Any accidents will also be cleaned up. Food bowls will be cleaned before using them and water replaced with fresh. I can also give your cats any medication they require. I will stay with them for up to an hour, leaving when your cat gets bored of me - usually when I put the food down!

If you are staying in the UK I will send you a txt message when I have visited your cat, and I email you photos while you are away for your own peace of mind.

Small animal sitting service

Small animal sitting includes caring, cleaning and feeding for rodents, birds, fish and reptiles. I can also stay to handle your small furries for up to an hour to maintain or work on their sociability. If it's just quick feeding your pet needs (such as fish) then all visits are charged at the reduced rate.

Multi-animal sitting

If you have a multi-animal menagerie at your home, then prices are calculated by the hour. If I can service all of your pets adequately within the hour, then the price will be as described in the cat sitting section above. If there is a chance that more than one hour may be required then an additional £8.00 is added to cover the extra time required. If you need me to travel between your house and say a field then that is taken as two separate jobs charged at £10 each.

Cairing For Your:

Just give me a call or email to see if I can look after your pet.
Coverage Map
Coverage Area

To check to see if your covered within the 7 Mile coverage area check the Coverage Map.

An additional £1 per mile is charged on services outside of the standard coverage area to cover additional travel expenses.

Keeping You Informed
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